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The Dolphin Inn
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The Dolphin SAMPLE Inn Menu

Selection of mixed olives                           2.90

Bread plate to share Served with olive and balsamic or butter    2.90

To Start

Garlic bread                                                 3.50

Cheesy garlic bread                                   4.50

Breaded brie wedges with cranberry       5.70

Chicken liver pate with Devon chutney   5.70

Fried squid chunks with lemon mayo        6.90

West Country spicy crab cakes                 6.90

Crevettes with lemon mayo                       7.20

Pub Classics

The Dolphin Inn Steak and Jail ale Pie                                       11.00

Devon ham and eggs                                                                  9.90

Homemade lasagne                                                                    11.00

Mushroom stroganoff served with rice and salad garnish        9.00

Spinach, mozzarella and tomato pudding                                9.50

Traditional battered cod fillet                                                      10.50


Beef burger  6oz                                     10.50

Cheese burger  6oz                                11.00

Breaded chicken burger                       10.00

Aromatic garden burger                       10.00

All burgers served in a rustic bun with lettuce and tomato and chips and salad garnish.

From the grill

Rump steak  10oz                               16.00

Rib eye steak  10oz                            18.00

Gammon steak  10oz                         13.00

Served with eggs or fresh pineapple

Tuna steak                                            12.50

Swordfish steak                                     13.50

The Kids bit

Pork sausages, battered cod, scampi tails, ham and egg, battered chicken chunks

All at 6.90 each

Served with chips or new potatoes, peas, baked beans or salad garnish


Chips (gf)                          2.50

Cheesy chips                    3.50

Homemade coleslaw      2.00

Sautéed mushrooms        2.50

Tomato and feta salad    3.50

Salad bowl                        3.50

To finsh

The Dolphin Inn sundae

Baked vanilla cheese cake with your choice of couli

Raspberry and white chocolate roulade (gf)

Lemon meringue pie

Toffee and chocolate lumpy bumpy

Melt in the middle chocolate orange pudding

All at   5.50

All offered with a choice of clotted, double, ice cream or custard

Selection of ice cream     5.50

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